The energetic meaning of hip pain

The hips are all about change and a challenge in making a change in your life. There can be a desire to hold on to how things have been until – in the worst case scenario – you become immobile.

When you don’t know the next step

In a kinesiology session recently a client – lets call her Sanja – found herself experiencing pain in the right hip that she’d never had before. With other structural stuff going on in her body, she was now understandably worried that things were progressing and getting worse overall.

Kinesiology indicated that this pain had an emotional causation. Understanding that hip pain can relate to a lack of change in someone’s life, I asked: “is there any change taking place in your life right now?”.

“Well, as you know I’ve been trying to change my work,” Sanja replied. “I feel exhausted doing my current job, but that’s all I feel qualified to do right now. I’m so tired and burned out the thought of changing feels so overwhelming and yet I can’t carry on like this” she continued.

“And what about money! I’m not earning enough now because I can’t take any more on but if I don’t do this anymore I won’t be earning anything!” Sanja continued, her voice rising with slight panic.

2 steps to creating confidence for positive changes

Transition and change can seem really difficult, especially when it feels like there is no clarity or certainty about the path ahead. But even a slight change in perspective can allow your mind to open up to new possibilities you can’t see when in a state of stress.

  1. Be honest with yourself and review the changes you may need to make in your life. Is there anything you feel fearful of? Is there a situation that you know has run its course and it’s time to change it, but you feel reluctant? See if you can identify any scenarios that may be contributing to your hip pain.
  2. Create an affirmation that helps to rewrite that story, I love Lousie Hay’s affirmation “I joyfully move forward supported and sustained by the power of life. I move into my greater good.”

Over to you

Have you experienced hip pain? Did you find an emotional link with yours? Share your thoughts in the  comments below.